Closeup of granite boulder sculpture

“The One and the Many”, Fitzroy Place

Name: ‘The One and the Many’

Where: Fitzroy Place, Fitzrovia, W1

What: Granite boulder weighing 24 tonnes and measuring 3.5m; a sculpture in Fitzrovia which is carved in low relief with text in writing systems from various worldwide cultures including cuneiform (Mesopotamia), Linear A (Minoan Crete), Greek, Hebrew, Morse, Braille and others.

Text: Multiple examples of text, including an extract from Samuel Beckett’s play Endgame, Jorge Luis Borges’ God’s Script etc.

Material: Granite boulder.

Artist: Peter Randall-Page.

Date: 2016

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Side view of The One and the Many
Morse and Braille on The One and the Many sculpture