Canary Wharf Mosaic Walk

Where: Canary Wharf, Jubilee Place Mall

What:  Floor mosaics representing the trades which historically existed on the Isle of Dogs (Docklands). There are 17 mosaics – 13 originals and 4 new additions.

Example lettering:

There are 17 individual examples, some of which include:

  • Ships captains arriving in London were often given a bribe of a beaver hat to use one wharf rather than another
  • The fishwives of Billingsgate market had an awesome reputation for their foul language and ribaldry
  • The original Canary Wharf took its name from the tomatoes, fruit and potatoes imported there from the Canary Islands
  • Dockers in the carpet warehouse were more skilled in identifying origins than experts in museums.
  • Three million pounds of feathers were sold annually before the first world war.
  • London used to be known as the City of Ships. A thousand vessels a week passed through the docks.
  • The trade in tea, coffee and chocolate created a huge demand for porcelain cups and saucers

Material: stone and glass mosaics

Date: 2003 and 2013

Artist: Emma Biggs

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