World Pavement: BBC Broadcasting House

Where: Outside Broadcasting House, W1A

What: Metal lettering embedded into the paving of the piazza which is made up of 750 stone flags. The lettering contains place names – including certain fictional examples – criss-crossed by lines of latitude and longitude in steel. Also embedded into the paving is audio equipment used during the One Show which is broadcast from a ground floor studio overlooking this piazza. The theme of the artwork references the BBC World Service. Lighting is also embedded into the paving which reference the appearance of the earth from the air – e.g. clusters of human habitation as seen on satellite images, or conversely, the appearance of constellations of stars. The place names are not placed according to geographical accuracy, rather they form loose logical connections whose links would become thematically apparent to a passerby.

According to the BBC: “The selection of names has been informed by the artist’s own experience, memory and knowledge. The places named are famous and infamous, renowned and obscure; they are scenes of leisure and labour, beauty and catastrophe, enlightenment and barbarism; sites of the origins of habitation, civilisation, and belief.”

Text: A myriad of place names both real and mythological. Some examples include the locations on the shipping forecast, politically contentious zones, rivers, seas etc.

Material: Steel and paving slabs

Artist: Mark Pimlott

Date: 2014

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