An Architectural Lettering Reading List

Archigraphy: Lettering on Buildings, Agnes Laube and Michael Widrig, Birkhauser 2016

Architectural Signing and Graphics, John Follis and Dave Hammer, 1979

Graphic Design and Architecture, a 20th Century History: a guide to type, image, symbol and visual storytelling in the modern world, Richard Poulin, 2012

Graphic Design in Architecture, Design Media Publishing Ltd, 2010
Lettering in Architecture, Alan Bartram, 1975

Lettering Large – Art and design of monumental typography, Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic, 2013

Lettering on Buildings, Nicolete Gray, 1960

Supergraphics – Transforming Space: Graphic design for Walls, Buildings and Spaces, Tony Brook and Adrian Shaunessey, 2010

Wayfinding. Designing and implementing graphic navigational systems, Craig Berger, 2005

Words and Buildings: The Art and Practice of Public Lettering, Jock Kinnear, 1980