Robert Montgomery at One Canada Square

Below are some articles on conceptual artist Robert Montgomery, who communicates his poetic and artistic vision by installing stark typographic works within the built environment, often in an interventionist context. In 2017 he collaborated with Allied Works architects and was a shortlisted contender for the forthcoming London Holocaust Memorial.

A group entitled “Estuary poem for Wyndham Lewis and other works” was installed at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, this January. Two text-based pieces including a new site-specific commission, as well as one of his famous light poems, “The People You Love 2010″ were shown alongside a video.”

Of “Estuary poem”, Montgomery says, “I worked for a magazine at Canary Wharf for a brief time in the 1990s, what struck me about the place was the water, I realised that in a real sense Canary Wharf is the beginning of the Thames Estuary, and I wanted to explore all that implies… I wanted to make a piece that would mean travelling to the end of the estuary and then in some way to bring the wild estuary inside One Canada Square.”

The accompanying video reflects a journey from Fitzrovia (where Wyndham Lewis lived, and coincidentally so does Montgomery) to the end of the Thames Estuary at Shellness where the river meets the Swale. There Montgomery and his partner ceremonially burnt the sculptural words and watch them catch fire – an act in keeping with the wild, untamed character of the natural environment of the estuary. He later rebuilt the sculpture, illuminating the charred fragments with neon LED lighting and its positioning in Canary Wharf serves to connect the occupants of One Canada Square with the environment of the estuary.

More detailed information about the installation can be downloaded in pdf from from the Canary Wharf Arts and Events website

Another in-depth article appeared in the Art Society’s quarterly print magazine, a précis of which is here: Five reasons we love the work of Robert Montgomery

The artist’s own website is here